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Mobility Matters: Treat Your Feet

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Whether you work on your feet all day, run high mileage, or take leisurely weekend strolls, tension that builds up in your feet can lead to pain, discomfort or worse, injury. Anyone who’s battled plantar fasciitis knows it’s no walk in the park. Spending a minimum of 10 minutes a day ...
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Stress Balls are NOT for Hand Pain

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I treat a lot of individuals who are experiencing wrist, thumb and hand problems. A large majority of these individuals come in with pain at the base of the thumb. With this presentation, It can be quite painful to grip objects and the symptoms can often be aggravated by a repetitive ...
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Get Ready for Ski Season

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Now it’s officially a bit cold outside and most people are sad to have the cozy fall days behind us. But us skiers have a been waiting anxiously for all this wonderful snow, and this season’s upcoming ski trips! Think ahead this year to getting your body ready for the physical require...
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Perfecting Your Lunge

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Lunges are one of the most commonly performed lower body exercises, yet many people’s execution is poor.  Lunges are an extremely functional exercise.  The tandem position mimics many of the daily activities we perform, as well as challenging our balance and coordination.  Perfecting ...
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Nerves and Pain

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Nerves are the communicators of the human body. They are bundles of axons which pass information between the brain, spinal cord and tissues using electrochemical signals. They tell the muscles to contract, as well as provide sensory feedback to the brain regarding sensation, and can c...
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Rise Up: United Way CN Tower Climb

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What do 9000 people racing their way up 1,776 steps flights of the United Way CN Tower Climb have in common? A smile. The funds we’ve raised will improve people’s access to critical social services that support people’s basic needs: food, shelter and employment. So, thanks to everyone...
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Compression Stockings: A Customized Fit Is Best!

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Compression socks and stockings are prescribed for several common reasons: swelling in the ankles and legs, varicose veins and a history of clots in the legs. You should not wear any type of tight sock if the arteries to the legs are not working well. Compression hosiery helps veins. ...
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Is Immediate Imaging Important to Manage Your Back Pain?

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Research shows the frequency patient obtain imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) varies considerably during the first month of low back pain treatment.1–3 Current clinical guidelines established by the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research recommends against imaging during the first m...
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Proprioception: Why physiotherapists always make us balance

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Proprioception also known as position sense is our bodies ability to tell where it is in space relative to the rest of the body without looking at it and how/where parts of our body are moving. It is what tells us for example if our elbow is bent or straight or if our foot is directly...
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Cervical Radiculopathy

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Do you experience pain down your arm when you move your neck a certain way or when you are sitting with bad postures? What is the best therapy for cervical radiculopathy? Pain that radiates from your neck that travels into your upper arm to your forearm and even your hand is called ce...
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