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Compression Stockings: A Customized Fit Is Best!

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Compression socks and stockings are prescribed for several common reasons: swelling in the ankles and legs, varicose veins and a history of clots in the legs. You should not wear any type of tight sock if the arteries to the legs are not working well. Compression hosiery helps veins. ...
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Is Immediate Imaging Important to Manage Your Back Pain?

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Research shows the frequency patient obtain imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) varies considerably during the first month of low back pain treatment.1–3 Current clinical guidelines established by the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research recommends against imaging during the first m...
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Proprioception: Why physiotherapists always make us balance

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Proprioception also known as position sense is our bodies ability to tell where it is in space relative to the rest of the body without looking at it and how/where parts of our body are moving. It is what tells us for example if our elbow is bent or straight or if our foot is directly...
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Cervical Radiculopathy

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Do you experience pain down your arm when you move your neck a certain way or when you are sitting with bad postures? What is the best therapy for cervical radiculopathy? Pain that radiates from your neck that travels into your upper arm to your forearm and even your hand is called ce...
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Yukon River Quest: An Exercise in Sleep Deprivation

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It’s the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak marathon race: Yukon River Quest. A 715km race where paddlers from around the world paddle day and night along the Yukon River to reach the Dawson City for Canada’s 150th birthday. How am I training for a 715 km paddle? Ask the race vete...
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Swing into the Golf season with BodyWorks

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Spring is here and the back nine is calling! Before you hit the links, you should hit the studio for a BodyWorks tune-up to ensure a strong season on the green. The following Joga Foundation moves improve strength, mobility and balance while providing preventative care and stability t...
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Benefits of Eating Organically

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Many people are concerned about the pesticide residues on their foods. Our naturopath, Dr. Morgan Winton, has compiled a list of the most pesticide laden 10 foods. If possible, she recommends buying these items organically! Apples Celery Strawberries Peaches Spinach Cherries Grapes (i...
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Four Exercises to Master Before Throwing This Summer

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The shoulder is unique, and due to its architecture, it is inherently unstable. Muscles and ligaments hold the large ball and small socket joint in place. To maintain a healthy, pain-free shoulder, its components need to function in a coordinated manner and keep the joint in place. In...
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Tibialis Posterior Tendonopathy – Will I be able to run again?

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This spring many runners are training for upcoming races around the GTA, surrounding areas and some even travelling to different cities to participate in running events from 5-10Km runs to marathons, half-marathons and obstacle races. A common issue in this group of runners has brough...
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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Summer weather brings more walking, running, flip-flop wearing, and foot pain! Recently a large number of patients have presented to the clinic with the idea that they may have plantar fasciitis. It is important to recognize that pain at the bottom of the foot does not always mean the...
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