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Sleep Is Good For Us

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Sleep is often mistaken for wasted time in our fast-paced world. Research continues to discover processes that happen in our sleep that are essential to our well-being. Chronic sleep deprivation changes our satiety hormones, giving us ‘the munchies’ and making it more diff...
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Multidirectional Instability (MDI) of the Shoulder (Gleno-Humeral Joint)

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Background Anatomy The glenohumeral joint of the shoulder is a ball-in-socket joint between the head of the humerus (the ball part), and the glenoid (the socket part). This joint relies a lot on the muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue structures for stability, because the bony p...
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Move Well with BodyWorks

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We all know the feeling. Muscle tension and joint stiffness. Whether we’ve been stuck at our desks all day, locked in traffic, or pounding out the mileage in preparation for an upcoming race. Our bodies system of muscle, fascia and connective tissue can stiffen up, creating areas of t...
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Exercise during pregnancy: What’s safe?

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Exercise is a crucial component of healthy living. It builds strength, improves aerobic capacity and of course has the added benefit of releasing feel good endorphins that reduce stress and increase happiness levels. For many Canadians it has become an important part of their weekly r...
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The Truths about Salt and its Function in the Body

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“My food is too salty” or “can you pass the salt” are two very popular phrases often shared at the dinner table. Most people utilize salt in their cooking to add more flavour to their meals. That being said salt consumption is often associated with a great deal of controversy within b...
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What is chronic pain and how do we treat it?

chronic pain feature
Sharp, dull, achy, burning, radiating, shooting these are just some of the ways patient’s have described their pain to me. Pain is one of the main reasons why patient’s come to see us. Whether from an acute injury, a surgery or something that came out of the blue, pain is often what d...
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Making a Habit of Resolutions

2017 new years resolutions feature
If you are like me, and 60% of other Canadians, you’ve made a New Year’s resolution related to weight loss, healthy eating, improved finances, exercise and getting a new job. My resolution is to eat healthier. That really boils down to packing a lunch for work. During the bounty of th...
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Reclaim Your Squat Part 1- Mobility

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The squat is one of the most basic and essential human movement patterns that we use in everyday life. From a toddler picking up a toy from the ground, to an adult standing up from a chair, or an athlete looking to improve their performance by doing weighted squats- we do some form of...
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Gluteal Strengthening

gluteal strengthening
Gluteal strengthening is a hot topic in the physiotherapy world. Clamshells, bird dog, bridging and side leg lifts seem to be fan-favourite rehabilitation exercises amongst therapists and clinics. Gluteus medius are one of the most influential muscles in the human body. They stabilize...
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The Benefits of Better Breathing

benefits of better breathing feature
We all know how to breathe, right? It’s a natural and essential function of life. But do we know how to breathe efficiently? Effectively? How does the quality of how we breathe affect aspects of our daily lives? Deep Breath Test: Lay on your back, knees bent, feet flat in the floor. R...
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